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Medicine Dispensers and Reminders

MedSmart® Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser

Medsmart Medicine DispenserMedSmart MEDICATION DISPENSER - NEW more ROBUST second generation AUTOMATIC PILL DISPENSER ("pill box") available from Commstar Alarms.

MedSmart automatic medication dispenser/pill organizer/pill box and reminder system helps ensure that medications and vitamins are taken properly (pill identification) and on time. Taking the right meds on time (Rx / OTC medications, vitamins or supplements) is as important as what medications are being taken.

·  Fully Automatic MEDICATION Dispenser
·  Easy SET-UP SIMPLE to use
·  Dispense up to 6 times per day
·  Long Alarm Duration
·  Lockable with KEY  Tamperproof lock.
·  Patient Compliance Dashboard™
·  Alarm: Loud SOUND + Blinking LIGHT
·  AC or Battery operation (Non-Monitored Docking Base, AC Adapter and Batteries).

How MedSmart Delivers:

2nd Generation MedSmart is a locked, tamper-proof pill dispenser for dispensing oral tablets (pills), reminding the user when medicine shall be taken, and making the correct dose available. Easy to read Patient Compliance Dashboard keeps the patient informed.

Medication Time: Alarm will sound & pills rotate into position. Lift up device with one hand, turn the dispenser upside down to allow the pills to fall into your other open hand. All other medicine is inaccessible. Alarm stops by turning device upside down (or after one hour). Easy to hold with rubber grips (see picture).

Easy Set-up & Tray Loading: Load the pills in the medication 29 compartment tray.  Each compartment has a capacity equal to 20 Aspirin sized tablets. For added capacity you may set two alarms for the same time and double the capacity. Set the alarm clock, you can program up to 6 alarms per day.  Great for all tablets, vitamins and capsules.
    ·  1 medication time per day – refill tray every 28 days (4 weeks!)
    ·  2 medication times per day – refill tray every 14 days (2 weeks!)
    ·  3 medication times per day – refill tray every 9 days
    ·  4 medication times per day – refill tray every 7 days (once per week!)
    ·  5 medication times per day – refill tray every 5 days
    ·  6 medication times per day – refill tray every 4 days

Size: Diameter 8 1/2 inch (round) x 2 1/2 inch | Weight: 28 oz.


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